• PhD, History of Science, Leiden University, 18 December 2012
• Postgraduate Teaching Certificate in Higher Education, Leiden University, 2011
• WTMC Science and Technology Studies Graduate School Certificate, 2011
• MSc certificates in Education, Open University Netherlands, 2007-2011
• MRes, Humanities and Cultural Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London, 2007
• MA, Philosophy of Art, Utrecht University, 2005


• From October 2019: Researcher, Humanities Cluster of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• July 2018 – present: Co-director Art DATIS (NWO-funded project Digital Art Technical sources for the Netherlands: Integration and improvement of sources on glass for a Sustainable future), Department of History and Art History, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
• February 2016 – September 2019: Postdoctoral researcher ARTECHNE (European Research Council-funded project), Department of History and Art History, Utrecht University / University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• October 2012 – January 2016: Postdoctoral researcher Vital Matters (NWO-funded project, history of chemistry); Department of History, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
• September 2008 – September 2012: Junior researcher (PhD candidate and lecturer), history and philosophy of science; Department of Art History, Leiden University, The Netherlands
• January 2008 – August 2008: Course development specialist, Dutch Probation Office
• May 2007 – December 2007: Program coordinator BA Accounting, Nyenrode Business University
• December 2005 – September 2006: Project coordinator Sustainable Procurement, Morgen
• September 2004 – November 2005: Project assistant, VSNU (Dutch Alliance of Universities)


• February 2020 – June 2020: fellow / theme group leader, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Amsterdam
• May 2018 – July 2018: Aspasia visiting fellow, Center for Science and Society, Columbia University, New York, USA
• March – April 2017: Ullyot visiting scholar 2017, Science History Institute, Philadelphia, USA
• March 2017: Wood visiting fellow, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, USA
• September 2016 – December 2016: Visiting researcher, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Archive (Wellcome Trust small grant), Edinburgh, United Kingdom
• September – December 2014: Research fellow Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe group; Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany
• September 2012 – October 2012: Visiting researcher; National Maritime Museum, London, UK
• January – April 2011: Visiting researcher, Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine;
University College London, UK
•January – March 2007: Research internship; Tate Britain Education & Interpretation Department, London, UK
• October – December 2007: Education assistant; Sutton House (National Trust), London, UK

 = key publication

 M.M.A. Hendriksen, Elegant Anatomy. The Eighteenth-Century Leiden Anatomical Collections. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2015.

Journal articles & book chapters
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Animal bodies between wonder and natural history: taxidermy in the cabinet and menagerie of stadholder Willem V (1748-1806)”, Journal of Social History, Volume 52, Issue 4, Summer 2019, 1110–1131.
 M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Casting life, casting death: connections between early modern anatomical corrosive preparations and artistic materials and techniques”, Notes and Records: the Royal Society journal of the history of science, Vol. 73 No. 2, April 2019.
 M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Boerhaave’s mineral chemistry and its influence on eighteenth-century pharmacy in the Netherlands and England”, Ambix Vol. 65:3, Fall 2018, pp. 303–323.
 M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Criticizing chrysopoeia? Alchemy, chemistry, academics and satire in the Northern Netherlands, 1650-1750,” Isis. Vol. 109:2, June 2018, pp. 1-19.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, “The disappearance of lapidary medicine: Skepticism about the utility of gemstones in 18th-century Dutch medicine and pharmacy”, in: Michael Bycroft & Sven Dupré (eds), Gems in the Early Modern World: Materials, Knowledge, and Global Trade, 1450-1800, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2018, pp. 197-220.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Healthy feet between theory and technique: (re)constructing Camper’s ideal shoe”, Studium, 11(2), 2018, pp.142–152.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Nosce te ipsum: Veränderte Funktionen und Räumlichkeiten des Leidener anatomischen Theaters im achtzehnten Jahrhundert”, Bleker, P. Lennig, Th. Schnalke (eds.), Tiefe Einblicke. Das Anatomische Theater im Zeitalter der Aufklärung, Berlin: Kulturverlag Kadmos, 2018, pp. 171-184.
 M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘Art and Technique Always Balance the Scale: German Philosophies of Sensory Perception, Taste, and Art Criticism, and the Rise of the Term Technik, ca. 1735–ca. 1835.’ History of Humanities, 2:1 2017, pp. 201-219.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘Necessary, not sufficient: The circulation of knowledge about stained glass in the northern Netherlands, 1650–1821’. Nuncius. Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science. Vol. 31:2, 2016, pp. 332 – 360.
 M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘Anatomical mercury: changing understandings of quicksilver, blood and the lymphatic system, 1650-1800’, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Vol. 70:4, October 2015, pp. 516-48.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘Consumer Culture, Self-prescription and Status: Nineteenth-century Medicine Chests in the Royal Navy’, Journal of Victorian Culture, Vol. 20:2, April 2015, pp.147-167.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘The Fate of the Beaded Babies: Forgotten Colonial Anatomy’, in: R. Knoeff & R. Zwijnenberg (eds.), The Fate of Anatomical Collections, Farnham: Ashgate, 2015, pp. 179-194.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘The Fabric of the Body: Textile in Anatomical Models and Preparations, ca. 1700-1900’, Histoire, médecine et santé / History, medicine and health, 2014, pp. 21-32.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, H.M. Huistra & H.G. Knoeff, ‘Recycling Anatomical Preparations’, in: S. Alberti and E. Hallam (eds.) Medical Museums, London: Royal College of Surgeons of England, 2013, pp. 74-87.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘Une recherche commune de « l’homo perfectus »? La perfection dans la relation de travail de Bernard Siegfried Albinus (1697-1770) et Jan Wandelaar (1692-1759)’, Alliage, 2010, pp. 22-34.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, ‘Pourquoi la cuisine n’est-elle pas un art’, Deshima. Revue française des mondes néerlandophones, 2007, 1, pp. 163-180.

Encyclopaedia entries
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Pratique”, Michèle-Caroline Heck (ed.), Dictionnaire LexArt, Montpellier : Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée, 2018, pp. 412-417.

Reviews (selection)
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, review of Matteo Valleriani (ed.), The Structures of Practical Knowledge (Springer, 2017), Ambix, 2019.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, “Thinking with Images”, review of Susanna Berger, The Art of Philosophy: Visual Thinking in Europe from the Late Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment, (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017), in The Art Newspaper, Number 302, June 2018, p. 16.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, Review of Mechthild Fend, Fleshing out surfaces. Skin in French art and medicine, 1650-1850, (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017). Journal18, March 2018.
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, Review of Kimberly Anne Coles; Ralph Bauer; Zita Nunes; Carla L. Peterson (Editors). The Cultural Politics of Blood, 1500–1900. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. Isis, Vol. 108, no. 1, 2017.

• The Artechne Database,

Online publications
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, The Medicine Chest, personal research blog, September 2012 – present:
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, contributor, The Recipes Project, September 2014 – present:
• M.M.A. Hendriksen & E. Leong, editors, “HEAT/COLD!” series, The Recipes Project,
• M.M.A. Hendriksen, editor, The Artechne Project Blog, 2016 – present:

For popular publications and media coverage of my work, see

Public lectures, conference presentations, workshops 2019

• “Data that last: reflections on sustainability in DH projects”, Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, Toronto, 17-19 March 2019
• Lorentz Workshop “Types of Knowledge: Towards a New History of Concepts and Practices”, Leiden, 25-29 March 2019. International academic workshop (25 participants, organizer)
• “Global and local materialities and techniques: Plaster and papier mâché in the production and circulation of anatomical knowledge, 1750-1850”, workshop Social Technologies and Global Knowledge Economies, 1750-1850, Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen, 4th to 6th April 2019
• “Making Bodies, Understanding Bodies: Wax Models, Moulages, and Medicine”, UMake workshop Art & Medicine: Skilling the Senses, Utrecht University, 3 June 2019 (invited speaker)
• “Rethinking Performative Methods in the History of Science”, Kolloquium Perspektiven der Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Ludwig Maximillians-Universität Munich, 6 June 2019 (invited speaker)
• “A Useful Tool: Reconstructing Boerhaave’s Little Furnace”, with Ruben Verwaal, Towards a History of Knowledge, 8th Gewina Woudschoten conference for Historians of Science in and of the Low Countries, 21 June 2019
• “Modelling Life”, wax modelling workshop, together with Marjolijn Bol and Leonie Hannan, Material Knowledge Conference, Queen’s University Belfast, 30-31 August 2019
• “Tasting tea in the eighteenth century: between pharmacy and fashion”, conference Variable Matters. Materia Medica in the Eighteenth-Century World, History of Pharmacy Museum, University of Basel, 20-22 September 2019 (invited speaker)
• “Boerhaave and Alchemy at Leiden University”, Conference Alchemy and University, Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel, 20-22 November 2019 (invited speaker)
• “(No) Laughing Matter: Alchemy between Academy and Society”, Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry postgraduate workshop, Ritman Library, Amsterdam, 29 November 2019 (invited key note lecture)

For a full overview of previous lectures and presentations click here.

Funding, grants, prizes and fellowships (selection)

2020 Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study: NIAS-Descartes theme group leader, 5 months (50.000 EUR)
2019 Lorentz Center / NWO (Dutch Organization for Scientific Research), funding for 5-day international workshop “Types of Knowledge: Towards a New History of Concepts and Practices” (25 participants, 41,000 EUR)
2018 NWO (Dutch Organization for Scientific Research), Smart Culture – Big Data / Digital Humanities grant for Art DATIS – (500.000 EUR)
2018 BayFor (Bavarian Research Alliance, Germany), International Research Cooperation Development Grant, together with Harald Klinke, LMU (9000 EUR)
2017 Science History Institute, Beinecke Library short term visiting fellowship (3000 USD)
2016 Utrecht University Digital Humanities Lab Development Grant (Allowed me to hire 0.2 FTE programmer for a year)
2016 Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry New Scholars Award (500 GBP)
2016 Wellcome Trust small grant, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (5000 GBP)
2015 History of Science Society early career travel grant for Annual Meeting (500 USD)
2014 Visiting Fellowship, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany (6000 EUR)
2012 Royal Museums Greenwich/National Maritime Museum History of Science Internship bursary, London (1500 GBP)
2011 Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, visiting researcher
2006 VSB scholarship for graduate study in London (7000 EUR)

Teaching & course development

2019 Special Topic Course “Modelling Science”, designed and delivered for MSc History and Philosophy of Science, Utrecht University.
2016-2019 Guest lecturer, Art & Science and Digital Art History, MA & MRA History of Art, BA Liberal Arts & Sciences (Utrecht University), MA Art History (University of Groningen), BA Honours Programme (Leiden University).
2016-2017 MRes tutorial Digital Art History (Utrecht University)
2016-2017 Individual mentoring of BA Liberal Arts students (Utrecht University)
2012-2017 External examiner BA course Introduction to Aesthetics (Leiden University)
2013-2015 Lecturer, BA course Sources and Methods for Historians (Groningen University)
2013-2015 Lecturer, BA course State and Nation Building in Early Modern Europe (Groningen
2011-2012 Lecturer, MA course Medical Historical Museums (Leiden University)
2009-2011 Re-developed and taught BA course Introduction to Aesthetics (Leiden University)
2008 Developed course material for Dutch probation office employees
2007 Developed education packages for Tate Britain

Supervision experience

2018- present Supervision (‘co-promotor’) of PhD candidate Art DATIS, Utrecht University
2017- present Supervision of database developer and data entry assistant
2016- present Daily supervision of PhD candidate Artechne, Utrecht University
2013-2015 Daily supervision of PhD candidate Vital Matters, Groningen University
(graduated June 2018)

Peer reviewing

I regularly review manuscripts for Brill publishers and for journals such as Ambix, Early Modern Low Countries, Eighteenth Century Studies, International Journal for Digital Art History, Isis, Notes and Records: the Royal Society journal of the history of science, Social History of Medicine, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Studium.

Professional service and public engagement (selection)

2019 – present Editorial Board, Global Epistemics series (University of Cambridge / Rowman & Littlefield International)
2018 – present Secretary, Gewina (Dutch society for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine)
2018 – present Board member, CHG-KNCV (History of Chemistry Group of the Royal Dutch Society for Chemistry)
2018 – 2019 Editorial board member Studium, Revue d’Histoire des Sciences et des Universités
2018 – 2019 Organizing committee, International Conference on the History of Chemistry (Maastricht University, August 2019)
2018 – 2019 Organizing committee, bi-annual Gewina conference (Dutch society for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine)
2017 – 2020 External advisor for an exhibition on Early Modern Colour Worlds at Museum Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen (Belgium), due in 2020
2017 – present Reconstruction, re-enactment and replication (RRR) Network, member
2016 – present History of Concepts of Knowledge in the Low Countries working group – coordinator
2014 – 2016 Book review editor, H-Net Material Culture
2011 – 2012 Organizing committee, Cultures of Anatomical Collections, international conference, Leiden University January 2012.
2009 – 2011 Faculty council member, Leiden University
2009 – 2010 Board member international affairs, PNN (Dutch PhD Network)
2008 – 2010 President Utrecht University Young Alumni Network

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